JLCPCB Fast SMT Technology upon Free EasyEDA

  You are facing the biggest opportunity that allows you to develop products and electronic boards with great profit margins and manufacturing quality.This is possible thanks to the system developed by the JLCPCB: the “Surface Mount Technology(SMT) with Integrated Supply Chain of the JLCPCB” An electronic design manufacturing model that offers ease, manufacturing agility, and manufacturing cost reduction for the customer. 

Fast electronics manufacturer in the world

  The electronic board market is one of the biggest in the world. Hundreds of electronic devices are installed in homes, vehicles, hospitals, industries, and others.

  What these devices have in common: electronic boards that solve problems.These boards have very small and interconnected electronic components. Many of them are soldered onto the surface of the printed circuit board. They are SMD's (Surface Mount Device) components and are fixed using SMT (Surface Mount Technology).

 JLCPCB allows you to connect components on the top and bottom surface of an electronic board. This allows the reduction of electronic boards and an increase in the density of electronic components in the circuit.

  This technology brought several improvements in the PCB manufacturing process and allowed an advance in the production capacity of electronic boards for various products.But this has brought several challenges and obstacles to the industry. These are some:

  1. Offer competitive prices and good profit margins to customers,
  2. Affordable cost of electronic components in one location for customers,
  3. High time for PCB fabrication and assembly,
  4. Spend time researching parts details, and
  5. Reduction human error consequences.

  Many companies in the world have these problems.

 Offer low prices and good profit margin to customers

  Several designers face problems with the purchase of electronic boards. In many countries it is expensive to produce them. This impedes the development of new products and reduces the profit margin on the sale of your products.

 Low cost of electronic components

   Many electronics stores sell their electronic components at a high cost. This makes the execution of the project expensive and reduces the profit margin of the products.

 High-quality PCB fabrication and assembly

  Many countries have a low level of automation and this prevents the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards. In addition, there is a high manufacturing time due to the technology used in the machines.

 JLCPCB reduces time researching parts details

  During the component selection process there is a great difficulty for designers in the selection and purchase process of electronic components.

  The process of researching and quoting costs is not an easy task. This takes a lot of time and makes the project development process difficult. Many developers buy from different locations and this makes purchasing logistics difficult.

   Delivery costs by multiple suppliers are expensive and the project's sales margin is reduced.

 Reducing human error consequences

  Human error can be fatal in the execution of many projects. Small distractions in everyday life can cause errors in electrical connections, modification of electronic component values, track width and project materials list.These problems demand new execution cycles, tests and affect project execution costs.

Many countries in the world face this problem. JLCPCB sees these as solved problems.

   The company's first step was to understand customers' problems and solve them through a simple and clear method to facilitate the manufacturing process.

  This method provides: affordable manufacturing costs for the market with a focus on increasing profit margin on projects, manufacturing speed, and agility in the delivery. The company created the “Surface Mount Technology(SMT) with Integrated Supply Chain of the JLCPCB system.

 JLCPCB Surface Mount Technology(SMT) Integrated Supply Chain for electronic products

JLCPCB easier ordering system focuses on the manufacturing process with surface mount technology and offers the following benefits to users:

  1. PCB layout design software,
  2. Electronic component LCSC library integration, which provides reduced costs for customers, and
  3. SMT PCB manufacturing and assembly system with low cost and high manufacturing speed.

   Through this integrated system, the user/team is able to develop the electronic board design, acquire the components at the lowest market price, manufacture, assemble the PCB, and store its components in a company's personal warehouse.

  This integration is easy and is achieved through the EasyEDA Software.EasyEDA is the software with the largest user community and electronic component library in the world.The company integrates all electronic components in the LCSC Components store with more than 80,000 electronic components in the store.

JLCPCB fast SMT ordering integrates numerous benefits to elctrnic users:

  1. Assess the availability of SMD or PTH electronic components, and
  2. Buy components with the lowest market cost in one place.

  The company has always noted that the cost of purchasing materials is one of the biggest issues in the electronics manufacturing process.Through this integration, the customer can benefit from two things:

   The first is that the customer can obtain electronic components at the lowest price on the market. Based on joint demand, the company can estimate what the market needs and obtain large quantities at reduced prices for its customers.

   The second point is the capaciy to offer electronic component storage to its users.The market undergoes constant changes in product prices and import taxes, for example. This directly affects the final price for the consumer.

   To avoid this problem of changing values, customers can take advantage of times of greater price reductions, buy lots for future projects and keep them in a component library with the JLCPCB.JLCPCB constantly seeks to create strategies to reduce final costs for its customers and increase its profit margins.

   After the creation of the electronic board layout is finished, the user is able to carry out the service of manufacturing, purchasing the electronic components and assembling the project in one place. This is done simply and easily, with just a few clicks.

   The company receives the fabrication order, list of selected materials from LCSC, reviews and starts the fabrication and assembly process in less than 24 hours.This manufacturing speed is achieved through the SMT technology used by the JLCPCB.SMT technology is used in thousands of electronic boards and has positive impacts on the electronic board manufacturing process.


Impacts of JLCPCB's SMT Technology on Electronic Project Profits

  SMT technology is used by several designers and allows the production of electronic boards faster and at lower cost for the customer.The electronic boards are produced with smaller size and greater density of electronic components. This is possible because this technology allows the soldering of SMD electronic components on the top and bottom face of the electronic board.

Why use JLCPCB SMT technology with EasyEDA?

  The market is increasingly competitive and looking for functional solutions, with lower production costs and higher profit margins.

  SMD components and SMT technology allow:

  • Complex designs,
  • Electrical noise reduction,
  • Higher circuit density, and
  • Cost reduction.

  Surface mount technology is fast and uses an automatic welding process. This allows the user to:

  • Save money, because there is no metallized hole step,
  • Reduction in the weight of electronic boards,
  • Save time on manual work, and
  • Avoids human errors in the assembly of electronic boards on a large scale.

  All these benefits are achieved through the integration between EasyEDA and SMT technology. The software is the bridge between the designer and the real project. It is an integrated environment that facilitates the creation process with SMT technology and ordering electronic boards.The software automatically prepares all files for fabrication, assembly and bill of materials of the project.

  With a few clicks, the user makes the order and avoids problems in organizing spreadsheets and doing market research. Develop the complete solution in one place.JLCPCB SMT Service and EasyEDA has the technology and support you need to develop your product at any time.