Get Benefits from SMT Assembly-JLCPCB

SMT Assembly exceeds hand soldering

JLCPCB SMT technology allows fabrication yield. Compared with THT or hand soldering, SMT is more suitable for automated production. THT requires different insertion machines (DIP insertion machine, radial insertion machine, axial insertion machine, tape machine, etc.) according to different components, each machine needs to adjust the assembly time, and the maintenance workload is large. SMT can install all types of SMC/SMD by using one placement machine with different feeders and pick-and-place pin, which reduces adjustment preparation time and maintenance workload. Compared with JLCPCB PCB assembly , hand soldering has a high risk of making defective boards. In addition to the solder paste printing machine, pick and placement machine, and reflow oven that needs to attach electronic components to the circuit board, the JLCPCB PCBA service has enough inspection equipment.

Visible Difference:

White PCBA : This PCB is hand soldered, using the same components. ESP32 module is shorted due to too much solder between the two pins.
Black PCBA: It's a PCB soldered using the JLCPCB SMT service, the soldering is done professionally and the components are properly aligned.

Invisible Fault: Detached Pads on Component’s Bottom Side

The below board is showing PCBs with UVC LEDs assembled. These UVC LEDs have solder pads on the bottom side, like BGA. For the first prototyping, I used JLCPCB’s PCBA service, and the prototype worked well as it was designed.

Benefits of JLCPCB SMT Assembly

From hundreds of domestic users growing to nearly 100,000 SMT users globally now, more and more customers choose and benefit from JLCPCB SMT service. JLCPCB is at the forefront of the PCB manufacturing industry, we clearly solve the pain points of this industry and the needs of users. Especially this service can appropriately satisfy new products’ R&D. It really meets our needs. Engineers said that they can start their own business without worries because of JLCPCB. Features of JLCPCB SMT service:
The cheapest PCB/PCBA price and Competitive freight save your costs.
Integrated in-stock 350K+ JLCPCB Parts& 10 million+ global parts.
One-stop Manufacturing: from parts preparation and PCB production to PCB assembly, even to 3D printing can be realized at the same factory, in the shortest time.

How SMT Service Saves Engineers Money

JLCPCB sends every customer the $24 SMT coupon to enjoy PCB assembly service. Authentic components, high equipment, factories, professional technical teams to achieve engineers' real profits. JLCPCB has insisted on $2 for 5PCBs, an $8 PCB assembly setup fee, and 3D printing from $1
JLCPCB components price is transparent: PCB assembly components' price is clearly marked. Compare to buy-as-you-go mode, pre-order parts allow people to get a favorable price. Pre-order service adopts real-time quotation service, and the price is transparent and open. Customers can purchase on-demand without worrying about the loss of payment due to the failure of the pre-order service. JLCPCB is able to obtain more low-cost but high-quality parts from reliable global parts suppliers. The bargaining power of JLCPCB can help small and medium-sized enterprises or individual customers reduce cost risks, collect various component needs, and negotiate prices with trusted component suppliers.

Sourcing 350k+ in-stock parts & a Million Global Parts

JLCPCB has a large selection of components for PCBA orders to achieve 100% parts assembly.
In case the parts suddenly run out of stock when PCB assembly is needed, we provide the pre-order parts service based on the JLCPCB parts library. If the JLCPCB parts library still can't fulfill your PCBA order to get all parts assembled on your boards, we launched the global sourcing service that sources and stocks parts from JLCPCB and global distributors, like digikey, mouser, TI, etc.
Please note the parts pre-order service or global sourcing service is only for PCB assembly orders, the parts won't be shipped separately to you.

One-Stop Service Saves Engineer Time

Saving engineers time requires advanced factory and equipment. Self-operated factories are the primary condition to ensure high-efficiency SMT production lines. Self-operated factories can achieve quality control and mass production. At present, JLCPCB's 6 large self-operated factories have high-end equipment and professional technical teams to ensure stable production of 96 SMT production lines. 90% of SMT orders only take half a day of production: PCB, stencil, and components are produced in self-operated industrial centers, with guaranteed quality and delivery. In the JLCPCB factories, AGV is used to realize PCB production, no transfer is requested: component preparation, and stencil production until PCBA.
Time-saving SMT service for engineers requiring reliable one-stop PCB service from design to PCB enclosure:
  • PCB design, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and 3D printing realized on a one-stop platform
  • Standard PCB Assembly supports double-side soldering, and unlimited quantity, order as many as you want
  • JLCPCB SMT Parts Library 350k+ in-stock components ; and 10 Million+ global sourcing parts from reliable parts suppliers worldwide
  • Pre-Order from Global Reliable Parts Suppliers+Build Personal library Inventory
Technology brings high SMT technology, which avoids the harm from hand soldering, and allows engineers to have more energy to benefit human beings and enjoy more fun in life. Batch production can be handed over to JLCPCB. Its standardized independent online ordering method only takes 12 hours for assembly. Once the PCB file is approved, the delivery of PCB+SMT can be completed the next day.

Staying electronic engineers healthy

Chemical composition of rosin and tin wire, which is directly inhaled into electronic engineers' lungs. Cervical spondylosis is quite common for hand-soldering engineers. Takes hours to solder, which causes painful cervical spine , hooking neck and using hands-on small resistors and capacitors.SMT technology saves engineers time and keeps them away from chemicals as well as cervical spondylosis.

Be an SMT technology forerunner ——

Working on fully assembly & the highest parts auto-matching rate

JLCPCB SMT has always been committed to providing efficient, self-help service. The matching of orders is the highest frequency, and it is also the most critical technology to improve the efficiency of the effect. In 2021, JLCPCB set up a special project team to improve this automatic matching rate. They first created a system to measure whether the matching rate has indeed improved, and at the same time, we can quickly locate the problem of customer matching.
"We use the monitoring and debugging functions of our system, and we feel strange, according to the stock price, the package should match another C1525, how come it is C1608?"
"It is found that the matching of the diagnosis is the C number matching, and then when the customer contributes the customer number, we query the customer's BOM. The customer's library file is C1608, and we use C1608 first as the store's number."
JLCPCB spent time fixing compatibility issues with messy BOMs. To mine the product number, the success rate has been increased by 5%. It is difficult for technology to be beneficial to everyone, and they only speak with data. After 1 year of development, the auto-matching rate rose from 54% to 85%. Only 15% of parts need to be chosen by yourself when ordering PCBA on JLCPCB. Customers and salesmen have always been praised, and this matching rate also allows us to actively monitor problems.
SMT matching is still iterating, and JLCPCB will gradually improve it. It is estimated that JLCPCB SMT matching will increase by more than 6% points by the end of this month, which is estimated to be the highest level of matching rate in this industry.

Be engineers' best PCBA choice

Keeping an open mind and embracing every customer is the working attitude of JLCPCB. Customer opinions and feedback are the motors of the JLCPCB SMT project progress. Listening and communicating go both ways. JLCPCB serves 172 countries around the world, serving 1,000,000 +Customers, with higher than 99.97% On-time delivery, and lower than 0.23% Quality Complaint Rate. Remarks from PCBA customers:
JLCPCB has been committed to reducing PCB/PCBA costs, improving the ordering experience, and speeding up lead-time and shipping. Many entrepreneur customers said JLCPCB helps them to improve business through time and cost-saving.
"Besides PCB assembly, we like JLCPCB free gifts, packages, and people!" "Open the box on the top side . We have cardboard, some bubble wrap, another layer of bubble wrap and another roller wrap. You can see PCB wrapped in bubble wrap and not just cardboard has some foam inside and some more power wraps of damage during shipping it's almost impossible anyway"
In terms of the current performance, we would like to define JLCPCB SMT as a mode. SMT is no longer be a factory, but a connection in the production chain in the future. JLCPCB SMT remembers the original aim and will make every endeavor an extremely great customer experience. Saving your PCB assembly now and in the future, get JLCPCB $24 monthly SMT coupon!